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Friday, June 10, 2022

Amityville Horror Book Beginnings and Defeo Trial

For his book, Talking with Serial Killers, British Criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee interviewed Justice Stark. Confronting Justice Stark on Sullivan handpicking him, Justice Stark, with a waive of a hand dismissed this, and said, “In hindsight, this was quite wrong, but things were different back then.”

At the outset, in an attempt to nail Weber down on his defense during a private post-hearing conference, Justice Stark asked, “At this time, Mr. Weber, are you prepared to continue our discussion as to the matter of the defendant’s intentions of raising the defense of mental disease or defect?”

Weber replied, “Your honor, I am not able to answer you on that point, at this time.”

Still needing a definitive answer, Justice Stark continued pressing Weber on the issue. Whereas Weber replied, “Your honor, at this point, the only thing I could ask the court to consider is my application for an adjournment of the trial.”

Weber went on to explain to Justice Stark his need for the 60‑day adjournment. Because he had been retained as an attorney only since July, Weber needed more time to prepare his case. Although Judge Signorelli had granted Weber’s omnibus motion on August 1, Weber had not received any paperwork from the district attorney until August 27.

This is kind of a short episode. I'm still trying to knock the rust off from not doing a regular show, so please bear with me.

Also, a little behind the scenes stuff -

The dog barking is our next door neighbors dog, an adorable pit bull named Leo. He talks a big game, but he's just a poop machine. 

Also, after I recorded these last few episodes, you'll notice that the beginning and ending of the show is WAY different sounding - more professional and cleaner. I was having problems trying to get the sound right and stopped everything I was doing and went through and readjusted the sound so that it was a lot more ear friendly. 

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