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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Aka Manto The Bathroom Spirit - Japanese Urban Legend

Aka Manto
A ghost in a red mantle that offers either red or blue toilet paper rolls in bathrooms, then kills whoever answers based on their choice: flaying for red, strangulation for blue.

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Late at night, in the dimly lit corridors of an old school, there was a particular restroom that everyone avoided. It was the restroom at the farthest end of the building, where the shadows seemed to linger a little longer and the air felt unusually cold. This restroom was said to be haunted by a malevolent spirit known as Aka Manto.

Aka Manto, or the "Red Cloak," was a figure of terror in the whispers of students and the warnings of janitors. He was described as a tall, imposing figure draped in a flowing red cloak. His face was always hidden behind a mask, but those who had caught a glimpse claimed he was unnervingly handsome, with a charm that belied his sinister intentions.

According to legend, Aka Manto would appear to anyone who was unfortunate enough to use the restroom late at night. He specifically haunted the stall at the furthest wall, waiting silently for his next victim. As the story goes, if someone was sitting on the toilet, they would suddenly hear a soft, chilling voice asking a question: "Do you want red paper or blue paper?"

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