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Thursday, June 6, 2024

We Learn About The Stone Giants of Incan Mythology

The Stone Giants of Incan Mythology
Today we're going to learn about the mythology and lore of the Stone Giants, These colossal beings, known as “saqsaywaman,” were brought to life to populate the world, but their rebellion against their creator led to their dramatic downfall. We'll also explore the remnants of these giants in the Andean landscape and Viracocha's subsequent creation of humans.  
Join us as we explore:

Creation by Viracocha: Learn about how these giant stone figures were crafted by the powerful god Viracocha, intended to be the first inhabitants of the world.
Rebellion and Consequences: Discover the story of how the Stone Giants turned against Viracocha, leading to their ultimate destruction.
Great Flood and Transformation: Uncover the tale of the great flood, known as Unu Pachakuti, that Viracocha sent to destroy the giants, and how some were turned into stone statues.
Cultural Significance: Understand the symbolic meaning behind the myths, reflecting the values and beliefs of the Inca civilization.
Legacy in the Andes: Explore how the myths of the Stone Giants are connected to the impressive stone ruins found in the Andes, such as those at Sacsayhuamán.
This captivating tale from Incan mythology offers a profound look into the ancient world and the stories that shaped it. Don’t miss out on this exploration of divine creation, rebellion, and the power of the gods.

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