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The Gospel of Truth: A Gnostic Vision of Divine Revelation and Redemption This topic delves into the Gospel of Truth, one of the texts found...

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Frankenstein - The Modern Day Prometheus - Mary Shelley - Fictional Myth...

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Today, we’re tackling the wild, eerie, and gripping story of "Frankenstein." Meet Victor Frankenstein, the scientist who wanted to know if he could create life. We’ll see his creation come to life, which leads to chaos, revenge, and heartbreak. Get ready for a journey packed with thrills, chills, and some serious food for thought. This isn’t just a tale—it’s an adventure through one of literature’s most haunting and unforgettable stories.

Introduction to Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein, was a bright, ambitious young man from a wealthy family in Geneva. From an early age, Victor displays an insatiable curiosity for the sciences. His passion for uncovering the secrets of life and death propels him to study the realms of natural philosophy and chemistry. Victor is really dedicated to science, soaking up knowledge like a sponge and dreaming big.

Victor's father, Alphonse, and his mother, Caroline, are loving parents who encourage his education. They also take in Elizabeth Lavenza, an orphaned girl, whom they adopt as their own daughter. Victor and Elizabeth grow up as close companions, and their bond blossoms into a deep, romantic affection. Victor's family is a picture of happiness and stability, but his scientific ambitions lead him down a darker path.

Victor's Obsession with Science
Victor heads to the University of Ingolstadt, where his life takes a fateful turn. His fascination with alchemy and ancient scientists soon shifts to modern natural philosophy under the guidance of professors M. Waldman and M. Krempe. Victor becomes particularly obsessed with the idea of creating life from inanimate matter. He immerses himself in the study of anatomy, chemistry, and the secrets of human decay.

Victor's obsession reaches a fever pitch. He isolates himself from friends and family, toiling away in his makeshift laboratory. The guy's so engrossed in his experiments that he starts neglecting basic hygiene and sleep. He's determined to uncover the "spark of life," the key to reanimating the dead. Little does he know, his relentless pursuit will unleash a nightmare.

Creation of the Monster
After years of painstaking research and gruesome experimentation, Victor succeeds. He assembles a humanoid figure from body parts scavenged from graveyards and morgues. This is no small feat; the creature stands eight feet tall, a grotesque patchwork of human remains. On a stormy night, Victor brings his creation to life using the power of electricity. Cue the dramatic lightning strikes.

But Victor's triumph is short-lived. As the creature opens its yellow, watery eyes and takes its first breaths, Victor is overcome with horror and regret. This isn't the beautiful, god-like being he envisioned. It's a monstrous, hideous abomination. Victor, in a fit of panic, flees from his laboratory, leaving his newborn creation to fend for itself.

The Monster's Early Days
Abandoned and alone, the Monster stumbles into the world with no knowledge or guidance. His early days are a series of painful discoveries. People scream, faint, or attack him on sight. He quickly learns that his appearance inspires fear and revulsion. The Monster's encounters with humanity are nothing short of tragicomic.

Seeking refuge, the Monster hides in the forest and survives on foraged food. He finds a hovel attached to a poor family's cottage and observes them through a crack in the wall. The family consists of De Lacey, a blind old man, his son Felix, daughter Agatha, and a Turkish woman named Safie. The Monster, fascinated by their interactions, secretly helps them by gathering firewood and performing other chores.

Through his observations, the Monster learns to speak and read. He discovers literature, including Milton's "Paradise Lost," Plutarch's "Lives," and Goethe's "The Sorrows of Young Werther." These books shape his understanding of the world and his own existence. He begins to grasp the profound loneliness of his condition. The Monster yearns for companionship and acceptance.

The Monster Seeks Revenge
Driven by the desire for human connection, the Monster decides to reveal himself to the De Lacey family. He waits for a moment when the blind old man is alone and enters the cottage. De Lacey, unable to see the Monster's hideous appearance, welcomes him kindly. However, when the rest of the family returns and sees the Monster, they react with horror and violence, driving him away.

Heartbroken and enraged, the Monster vows revenge against his creator, Victor, for bringing him into a world that shuns him. He sets out on a journey to find Victor and confront him. Along the way, he saves a little girl from drowning, but her companion shoots him, mistaking him for an attacker. This further solidifies the Monster's belief that he will never be accepted by humanity.

Confrontation with Victor
The Monster finally tracks Victor to the Swiss Alps, where he confronts him on a glacier. The Monster tells Victor his tragic tale, pleading for understanding and compassion. He demands that Victor create a female companion for him, promising to leave humanity alone if his request is granted. Victor, moved by the Monster's anguish and guilt, reluctantly agrees.

Victor returns to Geneva, where he is greeted by his family and Elizabeth, who is overjoyed at his return. But, Victor remains haunted by his promise to the Monster. He travels to England with his friend Henry Clerval to gather the necessary materials and knowledge for the creation of the female creature. They journey to the remote Orkney Islands, where Victor sets up a new laboratory.

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