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Saturday, June 29, 2024

The Tale of Raiko and the Fearsome Nue (Chimera) - Japanese Mythology

We're to continue the story we started of Minamoto no Yorimitsu - Raiko. The last time, Raiko was tasked with infiltrating a stronghold in Kyoto and confronting the demon Shuten-Doji. Today, we're going to learn about his showdown with the fearsome Nue—a monstrous creature that threatened the very heart of the Imperial Palace. 

In the summer of 1153, Kyoto was engulfed in a profound sense of dread. Emperor Konoe, a figure of great reverence, was stricken by unrelenting nightmares that plagued him every night. His health deteriorated rapidly, and despite the best efforts of the palace physicians and the most fervent prayers, his condition showed no signs of improvement. The source of his ailment was attributed to a malevolent spirit, believed to be visiting the palace in the early hours of the morning.

The situation reached a critical point when, one stormy night around 2 AM, a fierce tempest descended upon the Imperial Palace. Lightning struck the roof, setting it ablaze, adding to the chaos and fear that had gripped the court. In desperation, the Emperor summoned the legendary samurai Minamoto no Yorimasa to confront and eliminate the evil spirit tormenting him.

The grand Imperial Palace, once a beacon of power and serenity, was now engulfed in an ominous shadow of fear and darkness. The bustling court, typically alive with the chatter of advisors, guards, and attendants, had fallen eerily silent. Opulent halls and majestic gardens, the very heart of the empire, were overshadowed by an unspeakable evil. The source of this terror was none other than the Nue, a nightmarish creature born from myth. With a grotesque blend of features from various animals, the Nue struck dread into all who glimpsed it. Its head bore the face of a monkey with glinting, malevolent eyes. The powerful, striped body of a tiger that moved with a terrifying grace, while the legs of a tanuki a raccoon dog, which granted the beast an unsettling agility. Most horrifying of all was its tail, a writhing snake that hissed ominously. The very sight of the Nue inspired sheer dread and despair.

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