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Sunday, June 30, 2024

The Legend of the Aubura Sumashi - Japanese Mythology

The Legend of the Aubura Sumashi - Japanese Mythology
Today we're going to learn about a legend that has been passed down through generations. There is a legend about a spirit that is thought to be the ghost of a person who stole oil and then fled into the woods. This ghost with its unnaturally round head and piercing gaze is called the Abura-sumashi.  Born out of guilt and remorse, this spirit's story is one of punishment and transformation

In misty mountain passes of Kumamoto Prefecture. The mist curls around ancient trees and craggy rocks, it hides more than just the terrain. Here, in these secluded mountain paths, the whispers of the locals speak of a spirit known as Abura-sumashi. In the dim light of dusk, when the sun has dipped below the horizon and the night begins its slow creep, the atmosphere changes. The once serene forest takes on an eerie hush. It’s during these dark nights, when the wind whistles through the trees, that the tales of Abura-sumashi make their rounds. This is when the villagers hunker down in their homes, sharing stories in hushed tones, glancing warily at the forest edges as if the spirit might emerge from the darkness at any moment.

Abura-sumashi is no ordinary ghost. With an unnaturally large, round head, it is said to haunt these mountains, lurking in the shadows, waiting. To the villagers of Kumamoto, this spirit is a deeply ingrained element of their folklore. They say that if you listen closely, sometimes you can hear faint, almost imperceptible whispers carried by the wind—a spectral presence observing the living, bound to these mountains by an ancient curse. As the night deepens, every rustle of leaves and every snap of a twig seems to carry the weight of the legends spoken around hearths and fires. Walking these paths alone under the cloak of darkness requires more than just courage. It requires a respectful nod to the unseen, a recognition of the age-old stories that breathe life into the very ground,  For here in Kumamoto Prefecture, Abura-sumashi isn't just a story; it's a living, whispering reminder of the past, waiting to be noticed.

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